Patient Stories

True Stories From Some of Our Amazing Patients

A patient had penetrating ocular trauma as a child. Some years later his cornea decompensated and the patient required an Intraocular lens implant exchange and corneal transplant. The patient was unemployed and had no insurance. One of our physicians did the IOL exchange and another physician did the transplant through We Care of Central Florida, Inc. The patient is now employed.

A patient was seen by one of We Care’s volunteer physicians for a surgery. The patient was uninsured and unemployed. The patient was seen and taken care of by the volunteer physician. The patient is now healthy, employed, and insured. The patient continues to see the volunteer physician, but now is able to pay directly without using We Care services, as the patient is now insured as well.

We had a patient with no vision out of the right eye. The patient could not see the needle to inject diabetic medicine. Surgery was done to correct the right eye, and as a result, surgery was a success. All services were done with We Care of Central Florida, Inc. volunteer specialists. The patient was thankful to be able to finally see. The patient now only has to use glasses, when reading.

We Care is a recipient of and is partially funded by Polk County's voter-approved 1/2 cent sales tax for indigent health care.